Drive yourself to places you didn’t know existed, and enjoy the reassurance and fun of experienced company.
Self drive ‘tag along’ tours are mainly camping based, with several extended tours also including a night in a motel.
Pricing: Self drive tour prices are based on 1 vehicle, 2 adults and there is no extra charge for children under 15yrs.
Camping Tours: Tour participants are responsible for the supply of their own food, fuel, camping equipment and accomodation fees. If you don’t have camping equipment, then we can organise the hire of a camper trailer a very reasonable rates. When you book your tour, you must let us know immediately, due to availability during peake season.
Day Tours
For Self Drive Day Tours all you need to pack is your food and soft drinks. Follow Me 4WD provides a loan CB Radio for commentary and any recovery gear necessary. Our day tours provide an excellent escape from Adelaide for those with limited time available.
Weekends & Short Escapes
On overnight tours you bring your own camping gear & food. Follow Me 4WD will provide a BBQ to cook on, a loan CB radio on short tours, hot shower, bush toilet, tarp if it rains, fire if permitted and carry all recovery gear necessary. We take a maximum of 8 vehicles to guarantee your safety and give you a quality 4WD experience.
Extended Tours
We offer full support when planning your getaway with packing and menu suggestions.  On outback extended tours we have a get together of participants a month before the trip so you can get to meet everyone, finalize your planning and gain ideas and suggestions before you go.
Preparation is the key to a trouble free holiday adventure and we will be available to answer any questions.

Limited 4 wheel driving/ Bitumen & Dirt roads/ Lookouts, flora and fauna/ other points of interest.
EASY: Mainly dirt tracks, roads/ Some 4 wheel driving/ Easy inclines or declines.
MODERATE: Bush tracks/ Beach terrain/  Inclines, Declines, Side slopes/ Muddy areas or Soft sand/ Water crossings.
HARD: Rough terrain/Steep Inclines, declines, Side slopes/ Possible deep creek crossings/
Possible recoveries by towing, snatching or winching.

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