Project Description

Rick (our instructor in Adelaide) and Tow-Ed should be proud of the service they provide.  After completing a Tow-Ed course, I can’t believe it isn’t mandatory!  I feel so much safer on the road and so much more confident in myself.  No one should be towing without this course, in my opinion.  Not only was it so much more educational then I could imagine, as a woman, I really appreciate the compassion & level of comfort that was extended to me as I felt towing was scary & reversing was something I would not even consider doing.  I was not made to feel awkward or embarrassed in any way.  Actually, my comfort and confidence level was established before proceeding.  The detailed review, starting inside the caravan and proceeding outside was worth the course alone.  I learned a great deal more about proper packing, safety measures that can be taken and Tow-Ed’s inspection of all our inside and outside equipment was truly a bonus and much appreciated.  Their recommendations, experience and tips make it a truly amazing course.  Best of all, the day is structured to be fun!  What a difference an instructor with a sense of humour can make.  I really enjoyed it.  There were lots of laughs throughout and I left amazed at what I accomplished.  Tow-Ed certainly offered more than I could imagine.  I strongly recommend this training to improve your skills and confidence.  The day moves along at just the right pace and is the best money you will spend on yourself.


Heather Farrows

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