Project Description

 A very rewarding and safety focus experience

Recently my wife and I undertook 3 days of training in sand and rocky hill tracks; learning to handle our new land cruiser.

Ricky Esser from Follow me 4WD conducted the course.

A couple of observations at the outset.

We are not 4WD nuts. We want to be able to traverse outback areas safely, to go off road when we want to and be able to utilise our car and its equipment well. Also, we recognise that training a couple in their car can be challenging!

Ricky’s course fulfilled every one of our expectations and more so -and we are still married! The man should be a marriage counsellor. He was able to communicate in a very lucid, empathetic and jovial manner. Neither of us felt we were being patronised, yet through a clear and instructive style all safety and technical issues were explained to us.

Seeing my wife confidently change the wheel in thesomewhat pressured environment of an audience of 3 other couples but with Ricky guiding her, was a testament to Ricky’s ability to reassure her yet ensure the right and safe way was followed.

Learning about what is under our car’s bonnet and lower was immensely valuable -for both of us. Also, understanding the reasoning behind the 4WD capabilities of the car, learning how best to maximise its use and being confident to put all that knowledge to the test in real experiences had over the course was an excellent use of our time and great value for money! And finally the extent of safety issues that were covered was impressive-from tyres, to getting out of tricky situations to simply what to wear -everything was covered!

Ricky demonstrated by driving his vehicle first, then sitting next to us as we drove ours(each of us taking a turn) through a hilly dune or up a step rocky incline, explaining, reassuring and giving great feedback. He knew the intricacies of all vehicles and was clearly extremely knowledgeable and very capable.

The standout was Ricky’s unflappable yet firm style of communication.

My wife commented that she expected to be a bit bored on the course because 4WD isn’t her thing -however she was excited by all that she learnt and the challenge to drive the cruiser and become more confident in all terrains was well within her reach with Ricky guiding her.  She now enthuses about going on another of Ricky’s courses.

We will get our teenage children to undertake Ricky’s street awareness practical driving course soon and ourselves enrol in another 4WD in the future.


Rob and Leonie Zadow

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