Project Description


Robe to Beachport Trip Nov 2016

Being a seasoned 4 wheel driver and having spent much of my 4×4 life in this very location, I am well aware of the Rocky sections, Sand Hills and beaches and the considerable challenge for even the more experienced 4 wheel drive enthusiast.

Complacent attention to the conditions here will lead to being bogged at best or the risk of vehicle damage, perhaps even having it claimed by the ocean as I have seen several times before, so I believed it paramount to travel with experienced persons and have sufficient recovery gear.

I joined Follow Me 4wd to remove the risks from the journey but what I experienced was far beyond my expectations and left me feeling compelled to make comment on the experience with the team.

It was immediately visible that Ricky and his team ensured all parties enjoyed their journey safely whilst gaining the most valuable training experience anyone could hope to, yet I was amazed by Rickys abundant energy that begins before you wake and extends well beyond the time you end your day.Fun is the centre point of his tours and becomes the best method of learning.

His vibrant personality is directly aimed at you to gaineverything you will need to confidently assess terrain, risks, strategies and recovery in the shortest possible time.Even the ease of dealing with flat tyres without the old school back breaking methods of past are constantly displayed during the journey. It is so simple but i wish I knew this and many other things years ago!

The team offered a very professional yet informal approach to their every task and I was surprised at how much I learned, especially given that I am no stranger to this area or the many means of vehicle recovery I experienced under their guidance. It really enhanced my knowledge and the skills will be part of my future journeys for ever.

I witnessed such a polished training regime that had every level of driver at their peak in the shortest time possible. It made my day just watching those new to the off-road driving scene, take to it with smiles as they gained more and more confidence along each new challenging section. I believe they will have left that trip with skills that took me literally years to develop and the savings they will make by avoiding the common mistakes are priceless. Those more experienced were also well challenged so their skills quickly took to the next level at every section, just as I found my own to have improved each time.

The enthusiasm was electric and carried well into the evening discussions around the camp site where I believe lasting friendships will continue.

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