Operational Driving

Lights & Sirens

Duration: –  Half Day with  Pre-Requisite: Defensive Drive Vehicle:

eg TLIC3036A or equivalent

Full day (when run in conjunction with Defensive Drive Vehicle Unit)

This comprehensive package can be conducted in addition to the Defensive Driving Course   Package with particular relevance to any vehicle including Medium Rigid (MR) and Heavy   Rigid (HR) vehicles in accordance with the following:

Some of the topics we will be covering in detail during this training session will include:

•Identifying, assessing and reducing risks and hazards associated with driving vehicles in operational conditions including:
•Emergency and non-emergency driving (if applicable)
•Driving in special areas (eg. work sites, airports, parks, etc)
•Driving in daytime, night-time, adverse weather and road conditions
•Traffic conditions and route analysis
•Warning devices
•Pre-start and start-up procedures
•Checking instruments and gauges
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