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Duration: 1 or 2 days dependant upon course numbers and prior skills.

As an overview all the  Basic 4WD courses include the following competencies;

•   Perform pre operational vehicle checks;
•   Change a wheel on a 4WD vehicle sited on uneven ground;
•  Make Logistical Arrangements
•   Participate in an Outdoor Activity and deal with Non-routine Situations
•   Apply safe vehicle loading practices
•   Stall/key start recovery downhill forward and reverse;
•   Implement minimal environmental impact practices
•            Self recovery techniques, including the correct use of MaxTrax
•   Operate a 4WD vehicle competently in off-highway conditions,            including;

a)  up and down steep inclines;

b)  correct range, gears and techniques

c)  through muddy terrain and ditches;

d)  across side slope involving irregular terrain;

e)  irregular sandy terrain;

f)  through water; and

g)  along dry and wet dirt roads.

•   Use a single snatch Strap to recover a vehicle(not included in FPICOT3259 or TLIC2025)
•   Operate a 4WD vehicle giving due regard to Workplace Health and Safety
•  Knowledge and skills required to use a 4WD vehicle with regard for environmental issues.

Full details of Performance Criteria for each unit are available at www.training.gov.au

by entering the course code into the National Recognised Training search box or contact Follow Me 4wdfor a copy.

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