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Course Outline
Follow Me 4wd can also provide a selection of Defensive on road / gravel road driving courses. Defensive courses can also be combined with any of the 4WD courses in a multi day package. 

Course Code Options

TLIC3036A – Apply safe car driving behaviors

PMASUP236  – Operate vehicles in the field (2 day course also includes 4WD Driving) 

RIIVEH201D – Operate light vehicle   

The Follow Me 4wd Defensive Course targets on-road behavior and attitude in an effort to reduce risk taking, with an emphasis on motivating drivers to make safe driving decisions.
This course is also particularly suited to anyone who operates vehicles on gravel roads
The course, which can be tailor-made to your specific requirements, is conducted in a non-threatening environment on normal roads away from race tracks as this has it’s own mind set.
Follow Me 4wd comes to you, courses can be conducted in any location throughout Australia.
This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to drive light vehicles and cars safely, including the systematic, safe and efficient control of all vehicle functions, monitoring of traffic and road conditions, management of vehicle condition, fatigue management and effective management of hazardous situations.

Duration: – 1 Day   Suitable for all vehicle types

Comprehensive package for all trainees, comprising 1 day ON ROAD Defensive driving techniques, including theory and practical driving; -.

• Carry out Pre-operational checks
• Change a wheel ;
• Key Attributes of the Defensive Driver
• Life Support

       a)   Driving Position

       b)   Restraints & air bags

       c)   Managing Fatigue and distractions   

• Crash Prevention

       a)   Understanding crash avoidance space

       b)   Driving hazards

       c)   Braking distances & reaction times

       d)   Avoiding collisions

       e)   Safe reversing

       g)   Parking & Slow speed manoeuvring

• Monitor traffic and road conditions
•Worksite environment –tailored- including gravel roads
•On-road evaluation drive in a variety of conditions
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