Why Get Trained

AHCMOM217 – Operate quad bikes AHCMOM216 – Operate side by side utility vehicles

At Follow Me 4w, we are a specialist training organisation that trains riders and drivers in the use of ATV and SSV vehicles for commercial and recreational use.
We conduct certificate courses at a number of locations around Australia for commercial employees to individual users. We teaches proven safe riding techniques and appropriate operation in both a work environment or recreation.

Skills training is one of the most effective ways to ensure safe use of an ATV or SSV. Whether you are working with others or working alone in remote locations you owe it to your family and friends to get training and gain the knowledge to assess conditions that may put you and others at risk.

Lack of training has been highlighted as one of the main factors in ATV and SSV accidents. Our aim is to instruct ATV and SSV users about the correct use of four-wheelers and so increase safety levels.

Many ATV and SSV users who access training are from larger companies and corporate farms who are required to comply with safe work regulations. This group is easy to address, but many individual farmers who either don’t have the time or don’t see the value in ATV training are much harder to reach – which is one of the challenges we face.

Statement of Attainment

You may need to show evidence of competency to your employer for ATV and SSV operation. Getabout / Follow Me 4wd has accredited courses in AHCMOM216 Operate side by side utility vehicles and AHCMOM217 Operate quad bikes to provide you with a Statement of Attainment that is recognised by most insurance companies, government departments and large commercial operations in farming and mining.

The ATV Rider or SXS/ROV Driver Course

This practical one day ATV or SXS / ROV course is conducted by qualified, current and accredited ATV SSV Safety Institute Instructors. It offers students an opportunity to increase their safety knowledge and to practice basic to advanced riding skills in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a licensed Instructor.

The course also covers protective gear, environmental responsibility, ATV or SXS / ROV pre-start safety checks, understanding machine and personal capabilities, securing ATV or SXS / ROV for transport, correct loading/unloading of the ATV or SXS / ROV, appropriate ATV or SXS / ROV attachments, awareness of trailer/load limitations, 4WD versus 2WD, diff lock use & Hi/Low range use.

This training offers students an opportunity to increase their safety knowledge and to practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a licensed Instructor.

Students practice basic safety techniques with practical exercises eg: Starting and stopping, turning (both gradual and quick), negotiating hills, emergency stopping and swerving, and riding over obstacles. Particular emphasis is placed on the safety implications related to each lesson.

AHCMOM217 – Operate quad bikes


AHCMOM216 – Operate side by side utility vehicles

We can offer soft sandy or steep and rocky terrain, however the preferred place of training is in the environment common to the use of the rider. This then allows the instructor to be more specific to the needs of the rider.

The accredited training and assessment will be conducted by Follow Me 4wd under Getabout Training Services’ responsibility and direction.


Dear Follow Me 4wd,

Fortescue Metals Group recently completed Operate Quad Bike training and as a group we were extremely pleased with the professional knowledge in relation to the course.

For the trainers – David and Ricky were very approachable/adaptable characters which made all Fortescue attendees very comfortable.

For the training – Very interactive and practical along with fantastic points of improvement.

I highly recommend this training organisation, from start to finish the business provided great assistance throughout the journey.

Thanks again.

What To Bring and Wear

  • Your own ATV or SXS / ROV (unless other arrangements have been made).
  • Any attachment that you use on your ATV or SXS / ROV.
  • Petrol & spare parts.
  • A helmet that is Australian Standard 1698 approved.
  • Goggles/safety glasses or a face shield (glasses and sunglasses are not sufficient).
  • Gloves
  • Long sleeved shirt and pants.
  • The owner’s manual for your ATV or SXS / ROV.
  • Snacks/lunch and beverages (optional).
  • Inspect your ATV or SXS / ROV prior to arrival to ensure it is in a safe condition for operation.


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